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Industrial Collaborations

Our close ties to industry are a cornerstone of our Lab. We believe in applied research and this is reflected in our hand-in-hand collaboration with leading industrial partners in the field of Biomedical Engineering, Modelling and Material science/Production technologies.

BETA CAE Systems

BETA CAE Systems

BETA CAE Systems is a provider of pioneering CAE software systems, services and processes. Our faculty members have a long-standing collaboration with the founders and the company itself, which is generously providing us with their software solutions on a complementary basis.

Being ANSA and META users for almost two decades now, we are proud to consider them a partner, with whom we have published dozens of collaborative journal papers.



AMI is a leading greek manufacturer of Spine implants. We have worked closely with them on the development/optimization of a Laminar Hook Fusion device (comercialized as VariGrip), as part of an industry funded project and have already submitted the corresponding research results for publication in a high-impact journal.



KLEEMANN HELLAS A.B.E.E. is a leading manufacturer of elevator systems. Our faculty members have a long-standing collaboration with the company having engaged in multiple industry funded projects, coordinated by Dr. I. Chatziparasidis, who is also serving our Department as an Adjunct Asst. Professor.



Hephaestus Components IKE, an experienced Additive Manufacturing company. The company is a spin-out of our Lab, with its founder being a grad student of our MSc in Biomedical Engineering.

We continue to collaborate on multiple fronts with the company, e.g. on submitting grants for competitive research funding, but also developing innovative solutions in tissue mechanics.


Innovera IKE

Innovera IKE is a start up in CAD/CAE/CAM systems. Next to a provider of software solutions, the company engages in the development of customized design and production processes. Proficient in 3D printing technologies, the company has collaborated with us on multiple projects and submitted several competitive grants with BCM.

PLin nanotechnology logo

PLiN Nanotechnology S.A.

PLiN Nanotechnology S.A. was founded as a university spin-off company and was the first of a kind to be funded by a VC. Our Lab’s Director (Asst. Prof. A. Tsouknidas) was a founding member of the company and has served PLiN as a CEO fro 3 years, spearheading the company’s development from a start-up to a world leader in para-pharmaceutical pet products.

Naturally, we continue to stand by the company’s side and have multiple ongoing projects, sharing ideas and staff in a common path towards their future products commercialization.