Our 4m€ project (EXCEL-W-Mac) has been funded!


As the region of Western Macedonia enters a metallignite era, the University was called upon to take measures to prepare a new generation of students to tackle this grand challenge.

Naturally, we could not stand idle and coordinated a collaborative effort to submit excellence grant to the “Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020” (EPAnEK).

Our project proposal, with the acronym EXCEL-W-Mac, was valued at 4m€. Just a few days ago, we were informed that EXCEL-W-Mac was ranked among the projects to be funded within this framework. EXCEL-W-Mac is the largest (budget wise) excellence project to be ever funded by the Greek government, as such we are excited and humbled to coordinate this huge success of our University. The project will provide funding for more than 60 young scientists (PhD candidates and Post-Docs), while adding equipment worth 1m€ to our facilities.

More details to follow shortly…